"Y" Farm Military Cemetery, Bois - Grenier

Historical Information The cemetery was named after a nearby farm, called by the Army "Y" (or Wye) Farm. It was begun in March 1915 and used by units holding this sector until February 1918. At the Armistice it contained 335 burials, but it was then increased when graves were brought in from the battlefields south of Armentieres and from the following cemeteries:- CROIX-BLANCHE BRITISH CEMETERY, FLEURBAIX (Pas-de-Calais), in a garden by the road leading South-East from Croix-Blanche. It was begun by the 2nd Yorks and the 1st Grenadier Guards, and used from November 1914 to July 1916; it contained the graves of 36 soldiers from the United Kingdom DON GERMAN CEMETERY, ALLENNES-LES-MARAIS (Nord), contained one Indian grave. DOULIEU CHURCHYARD (Nord), contained the graves of four soldiers from the United Kingdom, who fell in October 1914, and one from Australia, who fell in 1917. HANTAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY GERMAN EXTENSION (Nord), contained one Indian grave. LESTREM COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION (Pas-de-Calais), which was made by the Germans in the summer of 1918. They buried in it three soldiers and two airmen from the United Kingdom. When Lestrem was recaptured, a British Plot was made in which 17 soldiers from the United Kingdom were buried. MARQUILLIES COMMUNAL CEMETERY and GERMAN EXTENSION (Nord), contained three Indian graves. MOUVAUX MILITARY CEMETERY (Nord), used from October 1918, to October 1919. It was in the grounds of the Monastery at Haut-Mont, close to the aerodrome. It contained the graves of 51 soldiers and airmen from the United Kingdom, one soldier from Canada, and three men of the Cape Coloured Labour Regiment. PONT-A-MARCQ COMMUNAL CEMETERY GERMAN EXTENSION (Nord), contained the graves of four soldiers from the United Kingdom and about 150 German soldiers. TEMPLEUVE COMMUNAL CEMETERY (Nord), in which one soldier from the United Kingdom and one from Australia were buried by the Germans, with about 200 of their men. Y Farm Military Cemetery now contains 820 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 284 of the burials are unidentified and a special memorial commemorates one New Zealand casualty believed to be buried among them. Another special memorial commemorates an Indian soldier known to have been buried in Marquillies Communal Cemetery German Extension whose grave could not be found. The cemetery was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. Source CWGC.org

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