About us

Frequently, I would look up from the book and image what it would be like to visit places like the great battlefields of the First World War

As life would have it - my wish came true.

One Saturday in the Somme area, I saw the sign leading to a British Military Cemetery. I called out to the occupant in the car that it was important for me to stop and take some photos.. Call it “my sentimental adventure. “I said.

That was all it took, from that day on I wanted to photograph each and every cemetery in Europe, during this journey I have learned more than more than I could have imagin

I  patiently and diligently roamed every sq foot looking at every  detail. During this time my Brother Gus called my attention to another Cemetery in the near distance, so after we all left one Cemetery for the next.  I then on that day planned to go to all of the Commonwealth War Graves in Europe.

That, plus all the other battlefields and War Cemeteries I could find.

A year later the day came where I would spend a entire week in the somme. I boarded the airplane in Houston, got off in Paris and then entered into world filled with history and a passion to learn.

Seven years later I am more passionate about this than ever before, at the start, I was in a new world; learning everything I could. Sometimes there was just too much to learn.

Now sever years later, I feel like I am going back to a place that I know and can understand, a place that so many people died and double that number suffered so much for a greater cause. A place where the United States sent its youth and asked no land in return other than land to bury her dead… a Place where British Empire sent its youth to defend a nation and lost a entire generation.

Some time our hobbies become a passion. This is the case with me a few years ago, when, on a trip with Europe with World War II Veterans I came across my first British Military Cemetery.

The eagerness of the trip and the thought of being with the veterans exciting enough, but, heightening my interest was visiting, and photographing a British War Cemetery in the Somme France.

As a young boy, my favorite reading material was world history of any type. The books would often contained photos, artists' renditions and battle descriptions and maps.

The interest was enhanced by being told stories by my mother about the 2nd World War Years, and what she went through as a little girl while the men were fighting in Europe. Whenever possible, I would pick up a book, and, in my young mind, I would visualize great battles and the "courageous" the life of a soldier.

I started shooting photos in the Somme area in 2001, during that time I have snapped the shutter on my Cannon thousands of times. All of the photos I have are in either in a Slide or camera RAW format suitable for printing. In the future I would like to build a website that can show more of them in a database format. However until then I will post a few on this site and fill requests for photos in JPG format or High Resolution. There is NO COST for photos; I ask that if you use them for print you list my name as the photographer.

If you would like to request a photo of a particular cemetery, please go to the contact page and send me a email of the and mention the name cemetery that you interested in. I will get back to you by sending smaller JPG files to you that you can easily view and then chose the photos you wish to have and I will send you the Hi Resolution photo. Again this is a free service.