Bois-des-Angles - British Cemetery, Crevecoeur-sur-I'Escaut'

Crevecoeur-sur-L'Escaut was captured by the New Zealand and 3rd Divisions on the 1st October, 1918. The Cemetery was made by the 21st Division in the middle of October, 1918; and after the Armistice it was enlarged by the concentration of graves from the following two cemeteries:- BEL-AISE FARM CEMETERY, CREVECOEUR-SUR-L'ESCAUT, was at the "Fonds de Belle Aise", 460 metres West of Belle-Aise Farm. It contained the graves of 52 soldiers of the 37th Division, all but one of whom fell on the 8th October, 1918. MORTHO WOOD CEMETERY, CREVECOEUR-SUR-L'ESCAUT, was on the East side of the Bois de Mortho, West of Villers-Outreau; and in it were buried 74 Welsh soldiers and one man of the Tank Corps, who fell on or about the 8th October, 1918. There are now over 150, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this cemetery. A special memorial records the name of one United Kingdom soldier, buried in Bel-Aise Farm Cemetery, whose grave could not be found. The Cemetery covers an area of 506 square metres and is enclosed by a stone rubble wall. Source -

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